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Gas Rates

At Clearwater Gas System, our goal is to provide customers with the highest level of customer service and the lowest possible gas rates. Clearwater Gas is committed to managing fuel costs so that we can offer you the most economical fuel rate for all your gas energy needs.

Periodically, gas rates increase due to the rise in wholesale costs. In order to recover the increased costs, utilities such as Clearwater Gas are compelled to increase the fuel portion of customer bills. Clearwater Gas does not make any profit as a result of increasing the fuel charge. The fuel portion of your bill is a “pass through” to recover the cost of purchased gas.

A public gas system, Clearwater Gas is locally owned and operated as a municipally-owned utility. To ensure that you get the most value for your energy dollar, we consistently negotiate long-term gas supply contracts to help normalize future gas prices. We also join with other public gas systems for increased leverage in securing advantageous pricing from our suppliers.

As a public gas system we are mindful of our obligation to our customers and community and we are committed to managing fuel costs so that we may offer you, our customer, the most economical fuel rate possible.

RESIDENTIAL - Natural Gas:
Gas rates effective January 2017

Total Non-Fuel Energy Charge (Per Therm) $.71
Purchased Gas Adjustment (Per Therm) $.76
Total Energy Charge (Per Therm) $1.47
Minimum Monthly Customer Charge $12.00 in Pinellas;
$20.00 in Central Pasco

RESIDENTIAL - Propane (LP) Gas:
Gas rates effective January 2017

Applicable Annual Gallon Range 0 fills 0.1-60 60.1-120 120.1-300 >300
Total Non-Fuel Energy Charge (Per Gallon) $2.07 $2.07 $1.87 $1.27 $1.17
Purchased Gas Adjustment (Per Gallon) $1.69 $1.69 $1.69 $1.69 $1.69
Total Energy Charge (Per Gallon) $3.76 $3.76 $3.56 $2.96 $2.86
Annual Customer Charge $350.00 $225.00 $180.00 $90.00 $75.00

COMMERCIAL rates for natural or propane gas:
For information on commercial rates, please call Clearwater Gas at 727-562-4980 to speak with a Commercial Sales Representative.


Frequently Asked Questions about the 2008 Rate Review

Also, if you would like additional information on these or other rate schedules or require assistance in determining the pricing most economical for your energy needs, please contact Clearwater Gas at 727-562-4980.

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