How to Read My Bill (NG)

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Understanding Your Natural Gas Bill

Clearwater Gas System reads each natural gas meter every month and issues a monthly bill based on the meter reading. Our meter readers make every effort to read your meter accurately and safely each month. Help us serve you by keeping the meter location uncluttered and accessible for meter reading and maintenance. Restrain your dog while we are visiting your location. To inquire about when your meter will be read, call Utility Customer Service at (727) 562-4600 or (866) 360-2201, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m..

Natural gas is metered in units of hundreds of cubic feet (CCF). This is a measure of the volume of natural gas that is used. To determine CCF consumption, the previous month's meter reading is subtracted from the current meter reading. The result is the monthly CCF consumption.

Natural gas is sold in units of energy called therms. Each CCF of natural gas contains the energy value of approximately 1 therm. Since the energy value of natural gas varies slightly, a conversion factor is applied to the CCF consumption to determine the therm consumption. This conversion factor is supplied by our gas supplier to account for the slight variations of the energy content of the natural gas that is delivered to Clearwater Gas System. The customer billing statement details this calculation. The product of the CCF consumption multiplied by the conversion factor yields the therm consumption, which is the basis for the monthly natural gas bill.

Payment Options

There are several available options for how to pay your gas or city utility bill. Call the city's Utility Customer Service Department at (727) 562-4600.

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