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Clearwater Gas System Generator Facts

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS – “REQUIRED” before contacting Clearwater Gas System

  • Obtain generator permit from your local jurisdiction FIRST and contact a generator installer of your choice.
  • Obtain copies of property survey showing placement of generator.
  • Obtain a recorded “Notice of Commencement” if valuation exceeds $2,500.
  • Obtain a copy of manufacturer’s specifications on the generator that you have purchased or are planning to purchase.
  • NOTE: Clearwater Gas System does not sell generators; please refer to the internet for a list of local generator companies.


Clearwater Gas System provides natural and propane (LP) gas service to over 27,500 homeowners and businesses within our service territory (north Pinellas through Pasco County). After numerous electric power outages due to past hurricane seasons, we have received an overwhelming number of inquiries from residents regarding natural and/or propane gas-fueled, “whole house” generators. Clearwater Gas System will provide gas service for a generator as follows:

  • Applies if you DO NOT have gas service – Clearwater Gas System will provide either natural or propane gas service. Per Clearwater Gas System’s policy, to qualify for gas service a gas water heater must be installed along with the generator. If a gas water heater is not installed, a customer participation fee (for the service line and the gas meter) will apply ($1,800 – $2,500) depending upon location of the gas main and service tap. Please contact the Gas Sales office (727-562-4980) to speak with a Gas Representative for complete details. Note: please allow 4 to 6 weeks for gas service completion after full payment has been received. Generator-only gas load does NOT qualify for Clearwater Gas System’s SNEP or CNEP expansion programs.
  • Applies if you are AN EXISTING GAS CUSTOMER and planning to add a generator to your existing gas service – you will need to contact the Gas Sales office (727-562-4980, after your generator is in place) to request a “meter upgrade.” At the time of your request, please provide: a) existing gas appliances/BTU load, and b) specifications for gas input load of the generator. Note: a time and material fee will be charged for all meter upgrades.

Clearwater Gas System is owned and operated by the city of Clearwater and serves both residential and commercial customers with natural and propane gas service (LP is available in areas where natural gas is not available) in North Pinellas and Pasco county.

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