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Our Mission

Clearwater Gas strives to be the energy provider of choice.

Clearwater Gas System is owned and operated as an enterprise utility by the City of Clearwater. Currently Clearwater Gas System serves over 20,000 natural and propane gas customers, which includes 20 municipalities and unincorporated areas of north Pinellas and Pasco counties.

We support the delivery of clean and efficient gas energy through the following services:

Natural & Propane Gas - A municipally-owned gas utility, Clearwater Gas System provides clean, safe, economical and reliable natural and propane (LP) gas energy to residents and businesses within the north Pinellas and Pasco County territory. If natural gas is not yet available in your neighborhood, you may consider propane gas as a viable alternative.

Service & Repair - Includes all commercial and domestic gas service routine maintenance requests including turn-ons/offs, interior gas leak location and repair, and the service and repair of residential and commercial customer-owned gas appliances. To schedule an appointment, call (727) 562-4900, ext. 7419.

Installation - Responsible for installation of customer-owned house piping and gas appliances (residential and commercial), conversion of customer-owned commercial and residential gas appliances from alternate energy sources to natural gas, and the securing of necessary gas permits to install house piping and appliances. Our installation team is committed to providing top-notch installations and can be reached at (727) 562-4900, x7435.

Maintenance - Maintains all gas mains and service lines and setting of all propane (LP) tanks and services, cathodic protection, repairing gas meters and regulators and compliance of federal and Florida PSC and Florida State Natural Gas and LP regulations.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) - Operation and maintenance of the Tampa Bay area's first compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station. The station serves as the fueling base for several local fleets (Waste Pro, Verizon, City of Clearwater Solid Waste, Clearwater Gas) within the City of Clearwater.

Emergency Hotline/Gas Leaks - Clearwater Gas System has emergency personnel on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any suspected gas leaks within the Clearwater Gas territory.

Sales - Responsible for new customer sign-ups and gas appliance purchases. The sales department handles requests for residential, commercial and new construction gas applications, including gas appliances. The sales team can be reached at (727) 562-4980.

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