Natural Gas

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Did you know that natural gas has been in use for 3,000 years? Today's natural gas technologies are easily replacing other traditional fuels all across the country.

For every home that switches from a non-gas water heater to a tankless natural gas water heater, almost 3,000 pounds of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere every year (that's about the size of a rhinoceros). Imagine how much cleaner the air will get when thousands of homes make the switch. Now think about what will happen when millions of cars, buses and trucks switch to compressed natural gas (CNG) away from gasoline and diesel. It's true that natural gas is an efficient, economical and reliable energy alternative for homes, businesses and as a transportation fuel.

Since 1923, Clearwater Gas System has provided reliable and economical gas energy options to the local residential and business community. We currently maintain and operate more than 800 miles of underground gas mains throughout northern Pinellas and western Pasco counties. Our natural gas service options include:

  • Delivery of natural gas for residential and commercial applications
  • Appliance sales of natural gas water heaters and pool/spa heaters
  • Installation/conversion of natural gas piping and appliances
  • Service and repair of natural gas appliances
  • Operating a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station

While energy sources such as wind, solar and tidal power are all viable alternatives, they're not readily available. Natural gas is.

On average, a typical gas home uses water heating, cooking, clothes drying and home heating, which can save a homeowner up to 62 percent annual savings. This alone is good reason to make the switch to energy-efficient natural gas. Making the switch is easy; just call us at (727) 562-4980 to learn more about the benefits of natural gas.

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