Commercial Customers

As a business owner, maximizing profits is usually the number one priority. So, it only makes sense to use natural gas wherever you can, mainly because the energy possibilities are endless. If something needs to be cooked, cleaned, transported, melted, washed, dried, extruded, molded, stretched and so on, there is probably a natural gas application that does it more efficiently and cost effectively when compared to other energy alternatives. And that's where Clearwater Gas System comes in.

Clearwater Gas System has supplied more than 2,500 local businesses with cost-effective gas energy solutions. Providing small- to large-scaled energy options, Clearwater Gas System consistently offers a wide range of natural gas commercial applications to help maximize the profitability of your business.

We assist many commercial and industrial customers with cost-effective energy solutions, such as pool/spa heating, space heating, commercial kitchen appliances, patio heating, boilers and water heating, and compressed natural gas for transportation use. Since energy is an important aspect in your company's business,  you'll be glad to know that natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel that helps to protect the environment, while also improving your bottom line and operating costs.

No matter how large or small your business is, our team of commercial energy experts can help you select the best energy option for your company.

Call us at (727) 562-4980 for complete details or to inquire about our energy conservation incentive program.