Residential Customers

Did you know that gas supplies one-fourth of the energy needed to efficiently run U.S. homes, businesses, vehicles, industries and power plants? Over the next 20 years, its use is expected to grow by 50 percent.

Compared to electric energy, you'll never match the many comforts of natural gas. Throughout the home, natural gas provides clean energy to heat homes, heat water, pools, spas, patios, dry clothes, cook meals, and light the outdoors. Some of the many benefits include year-round temperature-controlled pool or spa heating, precision indoor and outdoor cooking and efficient water and space heating. Please refer to our Fuel Use and Cost Comparison chart that details typical family savings through the use of clean burning, economical gas energy.

To help offset the typical out-of-pocket conversion expense, we offer energy conservation allowances to help make the conversion to gas effortless while lowering your household energy costs:

Applicable Gas Appliance
Savings When Converting to Gas Savings When Replacing Existing Gas Appliance
Gas Range/Dryer $200/$150 N/A
Tank Water Heater* $525 $350
Tankless Water Heater* $675 $550
Home Heating System* $725 N/A
Pool/Spa Heater N/A $250

NOTE: Please call Clearwater Gas System at (727) 562-4980 to learn more about our commercial incentives for businesses. *Gas appliance must be purchased from Clearwater Gas System.

Qualifications for allowances: All energy conservation allowances require customers to purchase gas equipment from Clearwater Gas System and must receive prior approval from the Clearwater Gas Sales Department; allowances are subject to change and/or termination without notice.

Clearwater Gas System provides local homeowners with competitively priced natural gas and gas appliances, such as gas water heaters and pool/spa heaters. Our experienced residential sales team will be happy to assist you with all your specific gas needs. You may contact our sales team at (727) 562-4980 to inquire about how you may qualify for energy conservation allowances.