Gas Appliances


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Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the comfort and energy savings that natural gas appliances provide for the home or business. Gas energy provides a number of benefits to help keep your energy costs at a minimum. Clearwater Gas System maintains a one-stop shopping sales center at 777 Maple St. in Clearwater. We offer the following services for most residential and commercial gas applications:

  • Appliance sales of water heaters, pool heaters, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and fireplace logs. We also sell high-end grills and gas ranges.
  • Residential/commercial appliance installation.
  • Service and repair of all residential/commercial gas appliances.
  • Additional commercial equipment can be ordered upon special request.
  • Excellent residential and commercial incentives when gas appliances are purchased at Clearwater Gas System.

Call us at (727) 562-4980 to speak with a sales representative for details about energy-efficient gas appliances.

Note: Installation and repair services are also available to ensure a safe and secure gas appliance installation.