How to Start Gas Service

Natural Gas Service

If your home is already set‐up with natural gas, follow the steps below to transfer the names on the existing natural gas account.

If your home is not set‐up with natural gas and you’re interested in natural gas service, you will need to contact our Gas Sales Department at (727) 562‐4980 to find out if your home is located near a natural gas main.


Step 1.Gather Your Documents and Information

Make sure you have your personal information, such as your service address, driver's license and date to start service.

Step 2.Expedite Service

To expedite the start service process, you can choose to attach the following documents to your form submission:

  • Lease or Proof of Ownership
  • Photo of identification (required to start service)
  • Letter of Reference

Step 3.Fill Out This Online Form

Navigate to this online form, fill it out, and submit it.

Step 4.We Will Contact You with Next Steps to Start Service

We will contact you via phone with the next steps after a few days.


Step 1.Gather Your Documents

Make sure you have your personal information, such as your driver's license, social security number, and date to start service.

Step 2.Call Us

Call (727) 562-4600 to speak to a customer care representative.

Transferring Name on Gas Account

(This applies to newly constructed gas homes)

Contact the city's Utility Customer Service Department at (727) 562-4600 at least five business days prior to the scheduled move in date to transfer the name from the home builder's name to the new homeowner’s name.

For Commercial Gas Accounts

Contact the city's Utility Customer Service Department at (727) 562-4600 to initiate or discontinue gas service.