Excess Flow Valves

As required by the Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration, Clearwater Gas System has notified all gas customers that an excess flow valve, or EFV, is available - but is not required - for installation on your natural gas service line.

An excess flow valve is not a required installation per the new safety regulations. Please note the installation of an excess flow valve does not control nor apply to smaller natural gas leaks located inside the home.

What is an Excess Flow Valve (EFV)?

An EFV is a mechanical safety device that is installed inside a natural gas distribution service line between the street and residential meter. Excess flow valves are primarily designed so that general usage, such as turning on appliances, will not trigger the valve to close. The device is normally installed at (or near) the service line’s connection to the gas distribution main, and it protects against the uncontrolled escape of natural gas, should the downstream line be broken/severed due to accidental digging by excavation.

Am I required to install an EFV?

As an existing Clearwater Gas System customer, you are not required to install an EFV; it is your personal choice. The federal code requires that notification be provided to you, so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not to have an EFV installed on your current underground gas service line.

What is a reasonable ballpark for equipment and labor costs, should I decide to request an EFV installation?

The installation costs range from $1,000 to $5,000. The actual installation costs will depend on the difficulty of installation, which is why a gas technician will be required to review your current natural gas system prior to installation and determine if your service line can accommodate an EFV. Note: Clearwater Gas System will inform you of the actual costs beforehand.

  • If it becomes necessary to replace an existing EFV on your service line due to a failure or malfunction (sticks open or closed), Clearwater Gas System will replace the EFV at no charge.
  • If it becomes necessary to install an EFV on your service line due to the customer’s addition or upgrading of gas appliances, such as a pool heater, emergency generator, gas range, hot water heater, etc. - then you will be billed for the costs of installing a new or replacement EFV.

For more information about excess flow valves, call (727) 562-4900, ext. 7438.