Report a Leak

To report a gas leak, call our 24/7 emergency dispatch center at (727) 462-6633

Clearwater Gas System is committed to taking every precaution necessary to protect gas lines and ensure a safe environment for you and the general public.

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Here are some key tips to keep in mind if you suspect a gas leak:

Step 1.LEAVE

Leave the area immediately. Do not attempt to locate or stop the gas leak.


Do not smoke, use a cell phone, flashlight, turn on or off any lights or appliances or operate any kind of vehicle or equipment that could create a spark.

Step 3.CALL

Notify us immediately at (727) 462-6633. If a leak is suspected near a natural gas transmission pipeline, call the number as shown on the yellow pipeline marker. If the smell of gas is particularly strong or no number is available, call 9-1-1.